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Established in 2009, supplyhut® is a direct to consumer/business, family owned procurement & sales center for shipping & packing materials that is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. During our tenure, we have served over 1 million customers from upwards of 80 countries around the world, generated over 500,000 reviews with a 99.99% satisfaction rate, & an “A+” rating.

Through our history, supplyhut® strives to provide the lowest cost shipping & packing materials direct to consumers & businesses with the greatest customer satisfaction we can offer. In Fact, if you can provide a paid, itemized invoice from your previous supplier, supplyhut® guarantees we can work with you to beat their prices once shipping & delivery are accounted for!

The way we have established our low costs is as follows: We have created reputable relationships with many manufacturers around the world, to the point where we utilize some of the same suppliers as our largest competitors. This allows us to obtain materials at the lowest possible costs. We then pass along the savings to our customers, due to our low overhead costs & lean business model.

We are confident in our ability to provide the lowest prices in the industry. Our catalog prices even include the cost of shipping & delivery to your facility! Furthermore, we incur the responsibility for insurance on all our goods in transit, & pay the freight charges to deliver the goods to a destination chosen by our customer.

Our customer satisfaction is due to our 24/7 commitment & dedication to the people we serve. Our sales associates pride themselves on this commitment & have a response rate of under 24 hours for all email inquiries.

We understand that our customer’s time is valuable. That’s why we offer a completely transparent pricing model without wasting time trying to “hard-sell” our clients. Our product catalog includes a pricing table where customers can view the costs of our products (including shipping) for the greater Chicagoland area. Want to make a purchase of custom specifications? No Problem! The catalog also offers discounted prices for our suite of products based on bulk orders, or, you can contact one of our representatives to discuss your order if needed.

Feel free to contact us at sales@supplyhut.com & we would be happy to work with you to finalize your order so you can obtain your premium shipping & packing materials in the shortest time possible!

At supplyhut® we understand that the only way our customers make money is by carrying on their daily business activities. That is why we provide our clients the best opportunity at the lowest cost to do just that, carry on their daily business!
We look forward to having the opportunity to service your shipping & packing material needs!

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